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Cefnogaeth Dechnegol

tech support, job roles, inspirational peopleAlternative titles: E-Learning Consultant, Tech Architect, IT Consultant, Application Specialist

Without Technical Support the world might simply crash!

It wouldn’t be much fun if every time you went to a cash point it crashed or when you successfully booked a flight you found somebody sitting in your seat. Technical Support is vital to ensure that the significant number of software systems that surround us are all working well and to specification. 

Some systems are deemed important but others are truly mission-critical. That is to say that the malfunction of those systems could cause a catastrophic and costly failure. So, on a plane, there’s always another seat. If all the traffic lights failed in inner London during rush hour the situation could be dangerous. 

Technical Support staff respond to issues that may be reported by people or by systems themselves. They will work alone or as part of a team to investigate the cause and remedy the issue as quickly as possible. People skills, advanced analytical skills and an ability to work under pressure are all important abilities in this role.

General skills and aptitude

  • Problem analysis and resolution
  • Interest in both hardware and Software
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Enjoy working to deadlines and under pressure

Average starting salary: £17,000 to £23,000


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