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Peiriannydd Rhwydwaith

network engineer, job roles, inspirational peopleAlternative titles: Hardware Engineer, Network Designer

Without Network Engineers businesses would lose the ability to communicate and share!

A little blue cable is plugged into my PC and it connects me to a Universe of information. I can share documents with my colleagues, gain access to the internet, watch one of my company’s centrally available training videos, send an email to a client, access scanned copies of letters and so much more. I know that there are hundreds of other people in my company who can access the same information at the same time. How does it all get to my computer safely, reliably and without interruption through a maze of switches, routers, patch boxes, firewalls and wireless access points?

Network Engineers build and support Local and Wide Area Networks that interconnect a wide variety of computers.  These can span a floor of a building or several countries and employ a multitude of technologies including copper to optical to microwave technologies. As an increasing volume of data is shared with larger groups with more demanding security requirements, Network Engineers will have to find new solutions to those changing requirements.

General skills and aptitude

  • An interest in computer hardware
  • Problem analysis and resolution
  • Some programming
  • Physically able

Average starting salary: £18,000 to £28,000


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