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Front End Developer

COMPANY: Mind Candy

TITLE: Front End Developer

Cat Burton, Mind Candy, DeveloperAs a Front End Developer I am responsible for implementing the visual elements of the game. I take design resources and create the logic to make them function as required.  I work closely with both designers and back end developers to ensure that game features are visually rich, fun to use, and scalable.


  • A-Levels in IT, Physics and Maths
  • Computer Science BSc (first class, hons) from Nottingham Trent University.


Upon graduation, I moved to London to take a role as a developer at an investment bank. After a year there, I decided it was time to look for a role in games development, as that is where my interests lie. I started looking for new and exciting games - I wanted to work in a smaller start-up instead of a big corporate business. My search led me to Mind Candy and Moshi Monsters, and I was lucky to secure a role there on the front end team. I've now spent almost two years developing new features for the game and building reusable code libraries.

Click here to see a more detailed background of my work history. 


To be a front end developer, you need quite a varying skillset:

  • Good problem solving and analytical skills  
  • Teamwork and time management
  • You need to be able to work well with both the creative/design team, to understand their requirements 
  • You need to be able to liaise with the backend team to understand any required data persistence and how assets should be stored
  • It often helps to be cross-discipline, in that some front end developers take on more of an engineering role and understand the back end well. Others have skills in user interaction and usability, which is vital.


There are many benefits to a role in front end development. You get to be creative as well as solve complicated problems. It is a fun job, and is wonderful to know that (in our case) over 20 million users will use the features you develop. The feedback of the children is what makes it all worthwhile.


My aim has always been to improve my skillset and gain more experience in not only Flash, but development/technology as a whole. My current goal is to be a senior developer, to help train new team members and share the knowledge I've gained after 2 years working on Moshi Monsters.